The places we will go.

No days like today.

Journal of L.F.


I can’t be certain on the date, month, or year. My first thoughts are of winter 2016, the next midsummer in 2004. It’s all a mess in my head. No sense of time no sense of self. I’m with people I “know” but everybody is different than what I feel like they should be. People who seem to jump to improbable conclusions about everything around us and yet I can’t be certain that they’re the wrong conclusions….it’s disconcerting how it’s as comforting as it is disturbing. I vaguely recall being in the Navy, a pilot I think, but I also feel like I was lost with nowhere to go….no destination, no plans, just there.

[[File:815647 | class=media-item-align-none | dark-souls-bonfire_small.jpg]]

Something happened and now I’m with ‘J’ in some dark place, there was a light and then I was somewhere else again. An old man….clearly not right in the head, he speaks at me. Something about being between two dark shores, like everything else its fogged over. Then I’m falling in atmosphere not in the black, have I been shot down…no…no….it’s different again. Pain like the time I broke my arm and then some, ‘J’ is there again talking about dark blood or Blood souls doesn’t make any sense to me. He asks me if I can get us out of here, anywhere else he says….I want to say no, but a part of me says try, do, if I put my mind to it I can do anything. I listen and then we’re somewhere else.

[[File:815652 | class=media-item-align-none | rsz_bloodborne-old-yarnham_from-software_1218x1600_marked.jpg]]

I’m hemorrhaging, this is way worse then an arm being broken in multiple places. I see a city, old, ancient, alive. This place is disquieting nothing I remember trains you for anything like this. A blur again, sounds like a festival…feels like something else, nothing I’d want to be a part of. Another light and now…..


leaf0n1das leaf0n1das

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